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The Shieling Project would like you to read the following carefully. It relates to the safety of your group and the safety of others. Once you have read it we would like you to click on the 'Register' box below as an indication that you have read and understood it. Completing this Acknowledgement of Risk in no way compromises your legal rights, nor does it release the Shieling Project from any of its obligations towards you.

Camping and learning outdoors comes with a risk of personal injury. We have taken all reasonable steps to provide your group with the level of care appropriate to these activities. But you should be aware that certain risks remain which are always present outdoors, and which can not be eliminated without destroying the learning and the experience. Your group may encounter rugged and rough terrain, physical effort will be required, there will be environmental risks and hazards (e.g rain and mud), there will also be the risk of slips, falls, minor cuts, midges and ticks. The Shieling Project provides clear instructions and safety advice, and it is important that your group follows these.Within these boundaries our staff have a duty of care, and we will do the utmost to provide a safe environment. The Shieling Project has adventure activity liability insurance, holds qualifications from the relevant National Governing Bodies, and adheres to the HSE guidlines for these activities.

We have risk management and assessment, child protection, and health and safety policies. Copies of these, insurance certificates and qualifications are available on request.

  • I am happy for photographs and film to be taken (by the Shieling Project) of the participants for use in reporting on the progress of the project.
  • I consent to joining the Shieling project mailing list and recieve emails from time to time. I understand the Shieling Project will never disclose my personal details to 3rd parties.
  • I understand that there will be a qualified leader present and that they will make decisions based on the situation.

By clicking the 'Register' button you are agreeing to the above statement.After you register the system will take you to the payment page.